Ghost sighting
A picture of a ghost sighting at Sanford Mill, Maine.


What types of ghosts are there? Better yet, what do they do??? To go further...myths about them? To the surprise of many, There's multiple types of ghosts and they all have many different actions. Some weirder than others, some friendlier than others. If you dare to pass and read on, you'll learn the vocabulary of different ghosts, what all they can do, and common lies..... Beware....


There's lots of different types of ghosts you can encounter. Just to name a few....

To start off, poltergeists are the most famous ghost. According to Lousville Historic Tours, their name comes from the German words "Noisy ghost". Their acts are loud, violent, and meant to disrupt your day. They're known to throw objects, flicker lights, make noises, etc. Their prescence is known to be evil and they have no good intentions. However, it's good to know that incidents with them do not typically last long.

What exactly are orbs? Orbs are believed to be spirits that are spheres of light that float in the air around haunted places. They're even known to follow people around as well. Although you can see them in front of you, they're mostly viewed through camera lenses. According to 14 News, there could be explanations to this like dirt in the air or lense, water vapor, dew, etc. In this case, it must be a weird coincidence that they're only seen in haunted areas.

Here's another common one, the interactive personality ghost. These ghosts can either have good or bad intentions, and will try to interact with you, or at least become noticed. They can be people you know or know of, even strangers sometimes. According to Ghosts and Gravestones, they retain their original personalities and even feel emotions as well. Their sightings are important and can mean something, like they want to comfort you or send a message.

Lastly, mist/ecto-mist ghosts are types of ghosts that look like swirls or vague figures. According to Ghosts and Gravestones, they can even look as if they're orbiting. They are typically seen in places that have been known to have had people die. They can sometimes involve into normal figures that look like real humans. They typically don't bring much bad with them, and are just simple ghosts flying around you.

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