welcome to the most coolest corner of the interwebs...JOEY'S PALACE!!!!!!!

(pic of me, credit to chereverie on picrew!!!)


I'm just somebody who's trying to live the life of a stereotypical teenager...

Residing in America at age 14...I spend most of my time....at school. But then in my freetime...I finally get to do cool things. I like making websites on Neocities, for one. I also like drawing my characters and others, too. Browsing content from the 2000's and 90's is also a factor in the things I do. Lastly...I really like the Saw movies. You could ask me anything about them and I could answer- but it might sound like word salad!!!!!


Where do I find these things...?

GifCities!!! - Where else would I get my cool graphics???

StackOverFlow - Good place to find answers to why your code isn't working..from experience.

NeoCities - How else would I publish my sites for free? (Not sponsored!!!)

Html Color Codes - This site is really convenient for finding coooool colors

W3schools - This taught me some good HTML and CSS lessons.

Class Schedule

Period Class Teacher
1 American History Thompson
2 P.E. Lack
3 Intro To Coding Pullam
4 Advisory Mathys
5 Algebra 1 O'Dell
6 Web Design Pullam
7 Language Arts Smith
8 Phys. Science Kiefer